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Wood Fired Texas Pit BBQ - Delicious, Flavoursome & Tender

Low & Slow Meat Co

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Low & Slow Meat Co

Our Daily Feeds

Our own concept and brand restaurant provides delicious and hearty meals. New Zealand's finest cuts of meat cooked low and slow in a genuine Texas Original Pitt BBQ for up to 8 hours.  Wood fired our meats are rich and full of flavour.

If the smokehouse is not for you, we have a steak to die for, our fish of the day or open sandwich options.

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Group Get Togethers

Choice Table Buffet Options

Get ya work mates, cuzzies or whanau together to try our specialised menu of delicious meals  delivered right to your table ready to share.  Enough yummo food to satisfy any size group.

Work dos and club gatherings are our specialty.  We can assist with a bit of fun through the day with things such as a round of golf, team building exercises or other things that will never leave you as board as a bat.

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