An online meeting before the AGM

By Brent Cowles | Posted: Monday May 25, 2020

Hi team, we would like to have a quick online meeting before the AGM to discuss and issues, our pricing for the coming season and what we are doing to promote your property in these strange times.

One of the major issues we are aware of is the constant failing water mains and dirty water from old pipes.  Quite simply these should have been replaced as part of the development and still need to be.  If you have other things you would like to bring up, please let us know so we can support these at the AGM alongside you.
Some of you may see we are currently running a Facebook promotion to drive more traffic to the site and get likes.  We are covering the cost of a package at over $600 to encourage this and so far have over 300 additional likes on the Facebook Page.

We have been working with our online travel agencies such as and the like to ensure we are fine-tuning our listings to attract domestic travellers.  We would like to discuss a winter promotion where we drop prices to encourage and stimulate people coming to explore our region.  This will require both you as owners and us as managers to take a little less in revenue over these months but some is better than none.

Last but not least, we have been working hard with our direct partners in the cycle tour space and seeing some great results.  Enquiries for groups upwards of 25pax are coming in for the season and we are discussing Taylor made packages which include a required stopover in Otematata.
So far we have seen approximately 15% of the lost bookings come back online which is quite remarkable.  We have our annual groups all still confirmed but not booked yet and will be working hard to confirm as many bookings as we can moving forward.  The restriction of 100 pax is an issue but Hospitality NZ are working hard to have this changed and we are optimistic we will see that increase in the next 6 weeks.

We would like to that you for trusting us with your investment and rest assured we are working as hard as we can to get the returns coming in.

Please click on the link below to join us at 8 pm tomorrow night - Wednesday 27 May.  We look forward to seeing and talking to you all.