Exciting changes - New Kitchen and Gaming Room about to be built.

By Brent Cowles | Posted: Tuesday July 26, 2016

We have some big plans for the hotel over the next three years which will turn it into an amazing venue with an environment that matches the food we are producing.

Step one is to get a new kitchen built where our current gaming area is and create a new space for the gaming machines.  This will allow quicker kitchen service and food delivery with a custom designed kitchen.  The new gaming room will be very comfortable with a very kiwi twist!

Building is due to start next week and we hope to be finished in 4 - 5 weeks.

After that we have some big renovation plans for the next 3 years with new outdoor and upstairs dining spaces, breakfast and brunch options plus a function area.  The bar will be moving and there will be large glass bifold doors to allow sunlight in.

Make sure you keep coming back to see the improvements!

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