By Brent Cowles | Posted: Wednesday May 12, 2021

9 July 2021

Lynette Taylor from Health 2000 Oamaru. will be your host.  Here is a little about her.

I came to Oamaru 13 years ago when I brought the Oamaru Health 2000 shop

Both my parents grew up in Oamaru, so it was like coming home for me in a way

When a customer walks through our door, we look at the whole person and the symptoms they may be presenting at the time to find a complete solution back to good health.

Daily stress, on every level, whether its internal or external influences, affects our body’s ability to remain healthy, relaxed and energized.

We look at the bodies digestion as our ability to utilize the foods we eat.

One of the big new kids on the block is Collagen, not only for skin hair and nails but we are getting amazing fed back for joints and joint pain.

Through Epigenetics, we look at what the body is needing for it to do its job in creating the inner balance we are all looking for. Like a car we need maintenance and the body needs the correct balance of vitamins and minerals to function daily. When stressed the body may demand more, or use up its reserves and we find ourselves feeling less than our normal energetic self.

Symptoms of a body imbalance:

Silent reflux or burping hours after a meal



Anxiety and or panic attacks

Hormonal imbalances

Cramps – leg, feet, toes, muscle

Night sweats/ hot flushes

Low libido


Psoriasis/ Acne

Depression / low mood

Arthritis / achy painful joints and muscles

Digestive issues

Not sleeping

No energy

Brain fog/forgetfulness

The body is amazing, with what we have learnt through our training on Epigenetic when you change your eternal environment, you can change the outcome. Rochelle will be here to do nails and we will have a great deal on a wine of the month.

Check out our Cocktail of the Month for something a little special at a great price!

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