Wilson Dixon Only Days Away

By Brent Cowles | Posted: Sunday May 20, 2018

Doors open at 6:30 - platters served to tables at 7, Wilson 7:30 - 8, Dinner, Wilson 8:45 - 9:15, Auction 9:30 - 10, Machette Betty Plays 10pm - 12:30.

Some will know but many will not that the original idea behind holding this event was to support a valued member of our community who was also our operations manager with her battle with cancer.  Unfortunately this was a battle that was lost before we had the chance to help her tick a few things off the list.  There is a distinct willingness in the community here to continue with the auction and raffle items that had already been donated on this evening so we can assist Tania's family with what has been a very difficult time and allow them to support some worthy causes Tania was passionate about.

Please bring your generosity towards someone who supported so many in our community.

You will see from the schedule above we have a massive fun night of entertainment lined up for you.

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