Vintage Handmaiden for Ladies Night

By Brent Cowles | Posted: Friday December 7, 2018

The perfect opportunity to find the perfect original gift! Dont forget to get you Christmas Nails done by Rochelle as well.

Kerry is a creator of custom refurbished pieces with a vintage vibe. In particular she has been enjoying creating one of a kind jewellery pieces. Here is a little story about her journey - you won't regret coming to see these pieces!

  • Right from an early age I was surrounded by the sounds of my mum and dad creating. My dad was a very accomplished musician (drums) who also dabbled in painting & writing. My mum created all of our clothes and we often heard the magical sound of the dressmaking scissors cutting their industrious path across our kitchen table.
  • Creating was in my genes! & sew (pun intended) began my artistic journey. In high school I had a keen interest in sewing, drawing & painting. In my 20’s I was fortunate to be able to work in the photography industry for about 7 years where I was able to learn about composition, light, and the importance of color.
  • In the following years I also took an interest in up-cycling furniture which started off as a necessity and then quickly became an obsession. But unfortunately I can only fit so many bits of furniture into one small house! So a new turning point was born.
  • Coming out of the tail end of middle youth I have moved into a new era of discovery & energy. I have made a life style choice to put my time into my love of my craft. I have evolved into a passionate re-cycler who loves the process of collecting and re-designing pieces. I love to make jewelery pieces which have the character lines of a previous life. Because each piece has “found components” no two artworks are the same.
  • Thank you for taking an interest in my journey.

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